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I was hesitant to post this column for two reasons: (1) I was, and still am, sceptical of the report for the February 27th SmackDown show. Did Undertaker really lose cleanly? Maybe the reporter missed Kozlov cheating or maybe the match finish is not as bad as it sounds. (2) I didn’t know if the column would get much support, but after starting up a poll (check it out on the right-hand side) I see that many people agree with me when I say what’s the big deal with the Undertaker losing to Kozlov?

I’m not going to deny it sucks. Undertaker’s our favourite wrestler we never really want to see him lose, especially cleanly, given his unstoppable Deadman gimmick. I’m not even going to justify that Kozlov deserved the win in attempt to help the up-and-coming star. I was a supporter of Kozlov to begin with, it was refreshing to see a heel that didn’t cheat all the time. However, the more he’s been exposed on TV, the more the cracks have started to show. He is clearly very green and needs a hell of a lot more practice to adapt to the WWE style. He should not be in the main event scene and Undertaker should not be jobbing to him. This is a given. What is surprising is the uproar this has caused.

Without hopefully sounding patronising, many of the people who visit this site are fairly young so I’m not surprised to see this reaction from some of that demographic, but it seems that even some of the older fans are screaming from the roof tops about this one. Why?

Firstly, there is an old tradition in wrestling that says if you are coming up for a big win, you should lose a big match prior to that victory. We all know ‘Taker is facing Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania where he will defeat him in what will most probably be the match of the night, possibly year. That’s his big win. Triple H and Kozlov were his big losses. You can’t have Undertaker looking all that strong heading into Mania because he’ll look too good compared to Shawn Michaels. Then there’s no point of a match in the first place if one of the opponents is far superior to the other. Undertaker needs to look somewhat weak so he and Shawn are on the same level.

Secondly, there seems to be a concern that Undertaker is becoming a jobber. This is absolute nonescene. Every maineventer loses a match cleanly at some point. Some of those matches they shouldn’t have lost, this is a prime example of that, but it doesn’t mean Undertaker’s going to be lying down for every new comer – he’s not going to end up like Kane! Undertaker has a lot of stroke within the WWE; he has been with the company for over 18 years; he is highly respected; and close friends with Vince McMahon. He has even been rumoured to put an end to matches or feuds if he thought they were bad for the character and/or business. This is all you need to bear in mind to know he will never become a jobber.

Sure he’ll have the odd loss here and there that makes no sense. I don’t blame you for complaining about that. But the abuse some of you have hurled at the WWE and Kozlov is ridiculous. We should never forget this is just a television program, and whilst the legacy of the Undertaker is something as fans we should defend, it is always worth putting things into perspective. Undertaker lost a match cleanly, but he’s going to beat Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Kane hasn’t even got a match at WrestleMania as of yet!

Undertaker’s doing just fine. Don’t patronise the man by doubting his ability to always do what’s right for the business and his character. This Kozlov incident may not help the company or the Undertaker, but it certainly won’t hurt the pair of them either. And that’s the point – this will all have been forgotten after Mania. Undertaker will always be one of the top workers in professional wrestling, a loss to Kozlov is not going to change that.



Hey Dan!

Kozlov won and then two weeks from now, Shawn Michaels will beat Kozlov. (This will show that if he can beat the man that beat the Phenom, then he can also end the Phenom’s streak.) It makes Shawn look like a worthy opponent.
But seriously listen to this part..
everytime we have all read spoilers we don’t like, we rant and so on..But then we watch SmackDown and it isn’t as bad as we thought; this is only a generalization of the match.
I think ‘Taker will sit up and look at Kozlov. Maybe there is a cheap shot we don’t see? Or did Kozlov botch the powerbomb too and hit ‘Taker too hard?

Anyways, my either idea is this:
Kozlov wins against the Undertaker and is fighting Shawn Michaels. Undertaker will come out later and attack Kozlov (of course in the dark so it can’t be a DQ and then Kozlov won’t win..)

But hey, we can’t complain by reading a short summary of what happened, just need to wait and see! =]

But thanks for posting this!
And no the Phenom isn’t becoming a jobber…Vince said he was the greatest wrestler ever for a reason..And he proves it every year!
You can’t always have victories just because you want them, it needs to work with the story-line and business.

I mean..doesn’t everyone have bad losses every know and then? I actually think those were theefirst two losses in a long time for him (cleanly.)
Just get over it..complaining won’t change what is happening. I mean realize what it is building up too. WrestleMania is peering around the corner so they need to make Shawn and ‘Taker look equal.

Dan said it all..but yeah. =P



I think many of us here are guilty of jumping the gun when reading spoilers. I’m just as guilty but my curiosity gets the better of me. Almsot every time I see the match after reading the spoilers it looks better than it sounds in the spoiler. I thought UT and HHH did awesome in NWO and both made the other look good and IMO UT did not look weak in that loss and HHH did look like he went thru Hell. The Koslov thing I wasn’t upset about UT losing but from what I read it sounded like he lost by a common powerslam its very frustrating. If HBK does indeed beat Koslov then it will work out nicely to show that storywise HBK has a shot at doing something Taker could not do. We’ll see what happens. As of right now I’m gonna make a pledge to stop reading spoilers and give WWE another chance this time w/o knowing what is going on. I think others should consider doing just that since I believe this is partly responsible for our criticism of WWE (Not to say WWE quality hasn’t gone down lol) but spoilers aren’t helping us enjoy the product.



Went I read this spoilers I really do not think it was true.But after really looking at I do think it is true by really don’t like at all.1st in Janurary that make saying spoilers Undertaker was gotting to win the RR match and that do not have!!!!!!!!!!!And 2ndly at No Way Out make another spoilers say that Undertaker was going to win the WWE Champion at No Way Out only to found out that he lose to HHH in the Chamber Match!!!!!!!!!!!!Now he not even in the main event WM25 WWE Champion and Egde who lost get another to win and does by going Raw World Champion in there Chamber Match and win I what H*** is this Edge how superstar for what less 10 year and already is and 8 time total champion?Where Undertaker have been around for over 18 year and what a 6 times total champion?That is a Bold S****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And WWE make Undertaker lose cleanly to a new wrestler I usely get stuff but way think are going that lost few month I lost respect because now only is WWE going to make him cheat out title but that make him cleanly unf*****belive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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